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Laurie is a member of the Alumni Mentoring Program at the College of the Holy Cross; the Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce; The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art,  New England Chapter; National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB-Certified architect); and the American Institute of Architects (AIA).  


She is also a supporter of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy in Chatham, MA and Westminster School in Simsbury, CT.

In the Media

Throughout my architectural career, I've had the privilege of being featured in various publications, highlighting both my contributions and the collaborative efforts of my previous firm. 

Here's a selection of articles that offer a glimpse into some of the projects I've been passionately involved in:

SEASIDE SANCTUARY by Courtney Coelho

Rhode Island Monthly, March 2017

"At this dreamy waterfront property, the view steals the show..."

TURRET & ALL by Jill Connors Design New England, Sept/Oct 2016 "A Rhode Island Queen Anne cottage with a boardinghouse vibe is transformed into a seaside haven for family and friends..."

Hello! I'm Laurie Keene, the heart behind Keene Architecture in Wakefield, Rhode Island. As an NCARB Certified architect and a proud member of the American Institute of Architects, I bring a blend of professional excellence and passion to every project at the firm. My architectural journey began at the College of the Holy Cross, and it was at DiMauro Architects in Newport where I discovered my passion for coastal residential architecture - a field where I've been fortunate to contribute to multiple award-winning projects across Rhode Island.


My love for architecture was ignited by my grandmother, who taught me the art of creating spaces that are aesthetically pleasing but also inherently comfortable and welcoming.  I believe designing a home is more than just constructing a building; it's about crafting the setting for countless stories, memories, and gatherings. There's something incredibly special about the design process, and it's undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling aspects of my work.

One of my career highlights includes a feature in Coastal Design Magazine, where a 1900s shingle style estate I redesigned was showcased. This project, a perfect blend of maximizing ocean views and facilitating multigenerational family gatherings, is a testament to my approach of balancing harmony with a touch of creative tension. I enjoy blending different styles, playing with spacial hierarchy, and ensuring that each home reflects the unique personality of its owners as well as the character of its site.

My source of inspiration is as vast as history itself, drawing from architectural marvels of the past - from the grandeur of Rome's Pantheon to the charm of Newport's Isaac Bell House. At Keene Architecture, we blend traditional hand sketching with cutting edge 3D technology to bring these inspirations to life, ensuring every home we design isn't built just for today, but cherished for generations. A hallmark of our designs is how naturally each home complements its surroundings, whether we're focusing on bathing interiors in natural light or framing the perfect view.


Over the past decade plus, I have been honored with features in Rhode Island Monthly, Design New England, and various architectural and interior design awards.  Most recently, we at Keene Architecture are proud to be part of the team that received the 2023 Historic Preservation Project Award. This recognition was for our collaborative efforts to move a historic 'summer cottage' to a new lot in Narragansett, RI.

Thank you for considering Keene Architecture, where we don't just build houses; we bring your vision of home to life.  We can't wait to get started on something beautiful together.


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